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STEP 1 of 3: Evaluate Your Needs and Preferences.
This step will guide you through questions that are important in determining your needs and preferences related to your kitchen.   The zip code where the kitchen will be installed is required for locating Design Professionals in your area.  All other information is optional, allowing you to complete and save your answers while skipping any information you do not wish to provide at this time.  If you save your information by clicking the Print or Continue buttons below you can later return to this page and view your saved information.

My Signature styles:

1. What is your preferred design style?

Traditional may be your design preference if you like . . .

Victorian styling, ornate detail, wood carvings and lots of decorative molding.

Contemporary may be your design preference if you like . . .

a modern urban feel, the simple sophistication of straight lines and European design elements, perhaps reflecting high-end, modern German or Italian styling.

Country may be your design preference if you like . . .

a rustic or down home environment, collect and appreciate crafts and Early American antiques.

Shaker may be your design preference if you like . . .

simplistic functionality, straight lines and no ornate detail, yet enjoy the warmth and look of wood.

Arts & Crafts may be your design preference if you like . . .

Stickley furniture, Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and designs or mission styled accessories.

2. What door styles most interest you?

3. What finish colors most interest you?

4. Are you interested in any artistic finishes?

5. Have you chosen specific colors that you want to use in your new kitchen?

6. Are you partial to a particular wood specie?

Cherry  Maple  Red Oak  Knotty Pine  Hickory


7. What type of countertop will you be using?

Granite  Corian  Laminate  Not Sure     Other

8. What type of backsplash will you be using?

Granite  Glass  Tile  Laminate  Not Sure


9. What is your preference in sink type?

Corian  Cast Iron  Stainless Steel  Not Sure


10. What is your preference in sink shape?

Single Bowl   Double Bowl   Large and Small Bowl

My Needs and Preferences:
1. Number of family members: 

2. Number of family members in each age group: 

    Infants   Children
    Teens    Adults
3. Will young children be using the kitchen: 

Frequently  Infrequently  Not at all

4. Where will your family eat most meals? 

Kitchen  Dining room  Other

5. What are your families eating habits? 

Eat meals together  Varied eating schedules  Both

6. What is your preference regarding a kitchen table? 

Required  Preferred; open to other options  Not necessary

7. What other activities will take place in your kitchen? 

Laundry  Homework  Watching TV   Paying bills  

Sewing   Computer center   Other 

8. Will you entertain frequently? 

Yes  No 

9. What are your entertainment styles? 

Formal   Informal

Large gatherings   Small gatherings

10. Do your guests help in the kitchen when you entertain? 

Yes  No 

11. What is your shopping style?

Shop for the week   Shop for individual meals

Buy in bulk and freeze   Buy non-perishable items in bulk

12. Do you require bulk storage in the kitchen?

Frozen foods   Perishable foods   Non-perishable

13. Do you require a recycling center in your kitchen? 

Yes   No 

My Project Plan:
1. Is your project

New construction   Remodeling

2. When would you like to begin your project? 
3. When would you like your project completed? 
4 . What is your budget for the kitchen project?

$20,000 - $30,000   $30,000 - $50,000   

$50,000 - $75,000   Over $75,000

My Personal Information:
First Name(s):
Last Name: 
Email Address:
*Address where the kitchen will be installed.  The zip code is required to locate Design Professionals in your area.
Street Address:
*Zip Code:  
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